Proposed Closed Loop Cycling Circuit

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This consultation is closed.

Purpose of consultation

The Closed Loop Cycling Circuit is a proposed loop of tarmac road, built to ‘A Roads’ standards, that will allow for a full range of cycling activities to take place in a traffic free environment.  The total distance of the road would be in the region of 2.6km, within this offering various circuit layout options. This means users would be able to choose from a variety of circuits to suit the activity as well as having the option of more than one group or session using the facility at the same time.

 The facility will provide activities for the local community, schools, and colleges as well as amateur and professional athletes alike.

 A Clubhouse with Showers, Toilets, Changing, Wi-Fi and Cycle Storage will also incorporate the site.  The Circuit would be in a position to host regional and national level cycling events at what would be a ‘first of its kind’ facility in Scotland.

 Fife Council are very interested hear what you would think says all of the above, and would appreciate feedback on the proposed names.   Things worth thinking about are road signage, branding and the fit with the local area.




Consultation Period

15th July 2016 to 1st August 2016

Final Report Of Consultation

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