Home Swap Registration Problems

To access Home Swap you must be logged into Fife Direct.

The Sign-in/Join option is located at the top right of this web page. 

Once you are signed in to your Fife Direct account the Home Swap panel is displayed on your homepage.  You must then register within Home Swap.

Please only complete this form if: 

  • You have tried to create a Fife Direct account and are having problems doing this
  • You have logged in to Fife Direct but you are still unable to register on Home Swap
  • You are having difficulties or problems when trying to access or use Home Swap 

If you have not logged in to Fife Direct or tried to create your Fife Direct account please click here

Still having problems?  Contact us by completing this form.

Before you start filling out this form, sign into Fifedirect to keep a record in your account.

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