Mutual Exchange Application Form

This form allows you to request permission for a mutual exchange.

This form can be completed by Fife Council tenants.

Housing Association tenants who have found a mutual exchange via Home Swap can also complete this form.

This form should only be completed if you have found someone to exchange properties with.

If you have not found someone to exchange with do not fill in this form.

Before proceeding, please check the following statements are true:


  • All tenants and joint tenants involved have discussed the exchange and all wish to proceed
  • You intend to occupy the exchanging property as your only principle home
  • You have carried out a viewing of the exchanging property and will accept it in its current condition
  • No financial payment has been offered or accepted between yourself and the exchanging tenant
  • You understand if your exchange is approved due to false or misleading information given you or the other party that your application to exchange will be invalid and you may have to return to your previous tenancy.

Please note – the tenant(s) of each property must apply to their own landlord to request permission for the mutual exchange. 

Your mutual exchange could be refused for reasons such as:

  • Outstanding rent arrears or recharges
  • Concerns for community safety
  • An eviction notice has been served on either property
  • The house has been designed or adapted for someone with specific needs and no one in the household requires the adaptations
  • The exchange would result in significant overcrowding or significant under occupation
  • Both properties must be in good condition

Before requesting an exchange tenants should consider the amended rules relating to Housing Benefit claims and under occupation.

Your exchange will not be effective until all parties have been informed in writing of their landlord’s decision. If both parties do not receive a response (not necessarily a decision) within 28 days, you have the right to proceed on the basis that the exchange has been approved.

Before you start filling out this form, sign into Fifedirect to keep a record in your account.

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