Food Business Registration

This form can be used to:

  • Apply to Fife Council to register a new food business establishment
  • Provide Fife Council with information about changes to an existing food business establishment which has been previously registered

This form should be completed by food business operators in respect of new food business establishments and submitted to the relevant food authority 28 days before commencing food operations.  On the basis of the activities carried out, certain food business establishments are required to be approved rather than registered.  If  you are unsure whether any aspect of your food operations would require your establishment to be approved, please contact Fife Council, Food and Workplace Safety Team for guidance.

After this form has been submitted, food business operators must notify any changes to the activities stated to Fife Council, Food and Workplace Safety Team and should do so within 28 days of the change(s) happening.


If you are uploading documents with this application form the following file types can be uploaded; .gif  .jpeg .xls .doc .docx .PDF .txt.  The upload size limit is 5MB.



Application Summary

You must complete this form at least 28 days before opening your food business. There is no charge to register your premise.

The purpose of registration is to make us aware of all food businesses trading within Fife. It's important that details of each food business are maintained so that they can be scheduled for routine food hygiene and food standards inspections. This helps us all to ensure that the food offered for sale in Fife is safe to eat.


Apply online

You can apply online: Food Business Registration.

If you wish to complete the application offline you can download a form here:  Food Business Registration.

Eligibility Criteria

Applicants must not be persons prohibited from running a food business.

Regulation Summary

A summary of the Regulations relating to Registration

Application Evaluation Process

We will inspect the premises and/or the premises file to check they are suitable for the purpose. 


Will Tacit Consent Apply? 

Can I operate my business before it is registered?

Your business should be registered with Fife Council, a completed application form should be returned 28 days before commencing food operations.

Consumer Complaint


If anyone wishes to complain about a registered food business, normally the first contact is made to Fife Council - preferably in the form a letter.



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