Disabled Parking Bay Application

You can apply for a disabled parking bay using this online form if you meet the following criteria:

  • You must have a valid European Blue Badge.
  • You have a car, in regular use, registered and kept at your address.
  • You have no alternative parking (driveway, lockup, garage).
  • You find it difficult to park near your home due to a high demand for on-street parking.

Please note: A disabled parking bay cannot be reserved:

  • on important traffic routes
  • where an obstruction would be created
  • at junctions or roundabouts
  • anywhere the Highway Code prohibits parking


Due to the number of applications Fife Council receive and the checks which have to be made, it will take up to four weeks to process your application. After this time a member of the team will contact you. 


Before you start filling out this form, sign into Fifedirect to keep a record in your account.

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