Weights and measures


Many common consumer goods that are priced and sold by reference to units of measurement (weight, capacity measure, volume, area or length) are regulated by the Weights and Measures Act 1985 and its subordinate legislation. Regulated goods include most groceries (food and non-food), and many DIY goods and related products.

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Metric and imperial marking

Traders displaying goods for sale have the option of continuing to use imperial units as a supplementary indication of quantity alongside the primary metric indication.  The supplementary indication must not be more prominent or larger, than the primary metric indication.

Customers may still ask for goods in imperial units, however the amount given will be in an equivalent of metric units.


Calibration Laboratory

Our mass laboratory enables precise and accurate calibration of weights, weighing machines and capacity measures. It's equipped with a full range of sophisticated balances of precision and comparators to enable us to calibrate your weights up to the OIML (International Organisation of Legal Metrology) accuracy of M1 [Working Standards] level.

All calibration work is accompanied by a comprehensive Certificate of Calibration, bearing the Fife Council logo, which are fully traceable to National Standards.

We offer our customers a calibration service in the fields of capacity measurement, measures of length and for weighing machines. 

Our service is open to all customers throughout the UK.




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