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Fife Council has established 7 areas in Fife, each with its own Area Committee consisting of all the local councillors in that area and each with its own Local Community Plan (LCP).


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Health and Social Care Locality and Cluster Plans

In Fife, the decision was taken to mirror the existing seven Local Community Planning areas for these Locality and Cluster Plans. Seven local roadshows are currently underway to inform future priorities and plans. Links between Health and Social Care and Community Planning will be built on at a local level and, wherever appropriate, share outcomes will be agreed.


Each locality will have a separate Health & Social Care Locality Group as a specialist group; members will include –

  • GP lead & their associated Primary Care staff
  • Service users/ carers
  • Member of the IJB
  • Senior managers with responsibility for services (H&SCP)
  • Health & Social work staff employed by H&SCP
  • Third sector reps
  • Independent sector reps
  • Local authority representatives (including Housing)
  • Scottish Fire and Rescue Service
  • Scottish Ambulance Service

Each locality will prepare a Locality & Cluster Plan for health & social care integration, which will set out arrangements for carrying out integration functions and will form part of the IJB’s Strategic Plan. Any issues related to health and social care should generally be remitted by the Community Planning Partnership (CPP) to the H&SC Strategic Planning Group. In turn, the H&SC Locality group may also remit wider issues to the Community Planning Partnership.

Click on the link below to find your Health and Social Care Locality and Cluster Plans:

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