Occasional use notice (licensed betting operators)

The intention behind Occasional Use Notices is to permit licensed betting operators (with the appropriate permission from the Gambling Commission) to use tracks for short periods for conducting betting, where the event upon which the betting is to take place is of a temporary, infrequent nature. Therefore the Occasional Use Notice dispenses with the need for a betting Premises Licence for the track in these circumstances.

These Notices can only be utilised for 8 days or less in a calendar year.

A notice must be served by a person who is responsible for the administration of events on the track or by an occupier of the track. The Notice must be served on us and copied to the chief officer of police for the area in which the track is located. The Notice must specify the day on which it has effect. Notices may be given in relation to consecutive days, so long as the overall limit of eight days is not exceeded in the calendar year.

Provided that the Notice will not result in betting facilities being available for more than eight days in a calendar year, there is no provision for counter-notices or objections to be submitted.

Gaming machines can not be provided by virtue of an occassional use notice.

There is no fee for this function. 

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