Boat hire licence

A Boat Hire licence is required for the use of a vessel in the course of a trade or business carried on in or from any place within Fife, for the purpose of (i) letting it on hire; or (ii) carrying for reward 12 or fewer passengers, for pleasure, recreational, educational or sporting purposes.

A Boat Hire licence may relate to one or more vessels or classes of vessel.

A Boat Hire licence is not required for

  • any vessel in respect of which there is in force a passenger certificate, load line certificate or load line exemption certificate under the Merchant Shipping Act 1995
  • any vessel having overnight sleeping accommodation used for a continuous period of over 24 hours
  • any vessel used for the purpose of instruction or training in seamanship
  • any vessel exclusively used for fishing in non-tidal waters
  • any vessel on any inland waterway or at any harbour owned or managed by the British Waterways Board
  • any vessel with the consent of the harbour authority (within the meaning of the Harbours Act 1964) in any harbour owned or managed by them

Further details on the legislation governing this type of licence can be found by clicking on the Useful Links below - Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982.

For more information on

  • how to submit an application
  • the documentation and fee required
  • the application process
  • the time it takes to process your application
  • the standard conditions attached to a Boat Hire licence

please consult the “application pack” publication below.



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