Scottish Social Housing Performance

Scottish Social Housing Charter 2017/18

Fife Council produces an annual report each October to show performance against the Scottish Social Housing Charter. The Charter outlines the level of service all social landlords should achieve for their tenants and other customers. This year’s report has been developed with members of the Fife Tenant Forum to identify the performance indicators they would like to share with all tenants, compared against other Local Authorities.


About the Scottish Housing Regulator

‘Our role is to protect the interests of tenants and other people who use the services of social landlords. Each year, we require your landlord to report on its performance against the Charter. We asked tenants to tell us what matters most when it comes to their landlord’s performance’.


Rents and Service Charges

Landlord services are mainly funded by the rent you pay, and we aim to provide best value for money.  We need to strike a balance between the level of service you want, the cost of the services, and what that means for rents.

  • At 31 March 2018 Fife Council owned 30,261 homes
  • The total rent due for the year was £107,350,886
  • 98.11% of rent was collected in the year
  • Fife council increased the weekly rent by 4.9% (average of £3.31) from April 2018


2017/18 Average Rent Charges: *includes service charges

Property Size Number of Homes Fife Council Local Authority Average
1 Apt (Bedsit) 272 £63.92 £58.30
2 Apt (1 Bed) 7,393 £66.51 £65.26
3 Apt (2 Bed) 14,324 £69.69 £70.02
4 Apt (3 Bed) 7,213 £71.93 £76.08
5+ Apt (4+ bed) 1,059 £75.73 £83.50
All homes 30,261 £69.62 £70.36
Traveller Pitch 50 £60.42 £69.68


Rents & Service Charges Performance

Performance Indicator 2015/16
LA Average
% of tenants who feel rent for their property represents good value for money 81.14% 82.57% 80.14% 79.38%
% of rent due collected 98.43% 97.67% 98.11% 99.35%
% of gross rent arrears of rent due 6.21% 7.55% 8.21% 6.22%
% of rent due lost through properties being empty 1.50% 0.95% 0.96% 1.11%
Self-contained units void year end 318 143 426 n/a
Self-contained units void longer than 6mths at year end 22 7 33 n/a


Customer and Landlord Relationship

The services we provide have an important impact on the quality of life of many residents within Fife. The Charter requires that we show you how we do this fairly and with respect. To find out what services you need most, we want to make it easy to communicate with us, and to offer you various opportunities to become involved.  We gather your views in a number of ways:

  • Tenant Gatherings
  • Face-to-face surveys
  • Tenant Newsletter ‘Down Your Street’
  • Fife Tenant Forum
  • Tenant Scrutiny Group
  • Local Tenant and Resident Groups
  • Fife Tenant Federations (3)
  • Surveys on housing matters like repairs, empty houses and sheltered housing
  • Fife People's Panel
  • Tenant walk-abouts on estates


Tenant Satisfaction

This is the fourth year we have carried out the annual tenant survey by face-to-face contact. We managed to consult with 700 tenants as well as separate surveys of homeless customers and gypsy travelers to find out what our customers views are.

Performance Indicator 2015/16 Fife 2016/17 Fife 2017/18 Fife 2017/18
LA Average
% of tenants satisfied with overall service provided by the landlord 80.71% 83.14% 83.00% 83.43%
% of tenants who feel landlord is good at keeping them informed about services and decisions 79.43% 83.29% 84.86% 81.30%
% of tenants satisfied with opportunities given to them to participate in landlords decision making 68.57% 68.57% 82.29% 74.06%
% of Gypsies/Travellers satisfied with management of the site 70.59% 29.17% 31.58% 78.74%


Housing Quality & Maintenance

The Council is committed to ensure all tenants in Fife live in a home that is warm, safe and in good condition.  This is supported by the Charter which requires us to show how well our homes meet national quality standards, with good standards of service and choice.

Performance Indicator 2015/16 Fife 2016/17 Fife 2017/18 Fife 2017/18
LA Average
Average hours to complete emergency repairs 6.06 hours 5.13 hours 3.93 hours 4.21 hours
Average working days to complete non-emergency repairs 10.02 days 8.08 days 6.66 days 7.79 days
% of reactive repairs completed right first time 94.74% 96.97% 97.17% 91.83%
% of reactive repair appointments kept 81.19% 86.73% 88.45% 94.51%
% of properties with gas safety record renewed by the anniversary date 98.67% 99.83% 99.66% 97.82%
% of properties meeting SHQS at year end 98.57% 98.64% 97.44% 91.10%
% of properties meeting NHER / SAP ratings at year end 99.79% 99.84% 99.87% 92.85%
% of tenants satisfied with the repairs service 88.41% 85.22% 83.74% 91.03%
% of tenants satisfied with standard of their home when moving in 77.19% 74.47% 74.70% 84.98%
% of tenants satisfied with quality of their home 86.00% 87.57% 86.29% 81.33%


Neighbourhood & Community

We have a responsibility to work with other agencies to provide you with a home in a well-maintained neighbourhood where you feel safe.

Performance Indicator 2015/16 Fife 2016/17 Fife 2017/18 Fife 2017/2018
LA Average
% of tenants satisfied with management of their neighbourhood 84.29% 87.14% 84.43% 80.57%
Anti-social behaviour cases per 100 homes 5.06 4.99 5.30 6.37
% of anti-social behaviour cases resolved within local target 99.47% 98.66% 98.38% 79.90%


Housing Access and Support

Fife Council ensures all residents can access housing and housing advice. The charter commitments are to make sure that people with housing needs get the widest choice and clearest advice possible, from the support needed to stay in their own home through to transferring a tenancy or reviewing homelessness services, should they be required.

Performance Indicator 2015/16 Fife 2016/17 Fife 2017/18 Fife 2017/18
LA Average
% of approved applications for medical adaptations completed 72.73% 93.39% 90.00% 84.40%
Average days to complete approved applications for medical adaptations 30.58 days 30.27 days 24.00 days 51.97 days
% of tenancies began in previous year remained more than a year - all 90.56% 92.21% 88.91% 89.35%
Average days in temporary or emergency accommodation - all types 67.50 days 76.04 days 87.47 days 121.82 days
Of those households homeless in last 12 months %  satisfied with quality of temporary or emergency accommodation 80.25% 90.36% 89.93% 87.92%
Average calendar days to re-let properties 37.02 days 25.31 days 26.84 days 37.61 days
% of tenancy offers refused 23.53% 23.45% 24.39% 39.46%



Paper copies of the Performance Report are available on request by calling 03451 55 55 55 Ext 444542

The full results are available to view on the Scottish Housing Regulator website @:




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