Economy, Planning & Employability Services

Enterprise Planning & Protective Services leads the Fife Council agenda for economic regeneration. It does this by encouraging appropriate business development, assisting people into work and promoting high quality development including a wide range of housing.

Inclusion and Opportunities

Provides access to employment through a programme of vocational training, opportunity centres and a range of initiatives to assist disadvantaged groups into work.

Business and Strategy

Leads on economic development initiatives and strategic and local planning policy, including structure and local plans.

Development and Buildings

Performs a range of functions relating to buildings standards and safety, building warrants, planning applications and permissions.


Provides generic administrative services to the other portfolios, including IT systems, service planning, performance management, finance, customer service, human resources and office location management.

Our key strategic objectives are laid out in the Corporate Improvement Plan.

  • Regenerate major town centres in Kirkcaldy, Dunfermline, St Andrews and Glenrothes.
  • Improve the e performance of Fife.
  • Promote Fife more effectively.
  • Raise skills levels and access to opportunities.
  • Improve the quality of our local surroundings.
  • Regenerate targeted local communities.
  • Enhance partnerships with the voluntary sector.
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