Public safety and dangerous buildings

The Building Standards team has a responsibility to deal with dangerous building situations whether the building is empty or still in use. The safety of the general public is our primary concern.

We work alongside other services to protect the welfare of the public in and around:

  • Dangerous buildings
  • Defective buildings
  • Licensed premises
  • Public events
  • Raised structures

Dangerous Buildings

Structures may become gradually dangerous with old age or by storms, fire or impact by vehicles. We respond to all reports of dangerous buildings, walls and structures and take action to safeguard the occupants and passers-by. If we find that the building is immediately dangerous, we have legal powers to evacuate the building and/or surrounding area and make safe.

Defective Buildings

A defective building is a building that is not immediately dangerous but there are obvious signs of deterioration such as cracks in chimneys, loose slates or leaking rainwater goods.  If these problem areas are left unattended to they could end up becoming dangerous. We inspect and advise all owners of what works require to be carried out.  We then monitor the property to make sure that the works are completed. If the work is not carried out and the building deteriorates further we have the power to serve a Defective Buildings Notice.

If you see a building which you suspect may be dangerous or defective you can report this using the contact details below.
Building Standards & Public Safety
Tel: 03451 55 11 22 Contact Building Standards & Public Safety online
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