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HR Direct

Fife Council, as one of the largest employers in Fife realise that we have a major role to play in promoting good practice in employment.  As part of our efforts to be a good employer and in line with our Corporate Aims, we wish to offer secure employment opportunities to the community.  However, there will be occasions where this is not possible and it is appropriate for us to employ people on a temporary basis.


Where it is identified that a post should be offered on a temporary basis there should be a justifiable reason for this based on short term fluctuations in work requirements, a temporary gap in employee numbers or where funding is available for a fixed period only.  A period of temporary employment should only end where the need for the work being done ceases.


A person employed on a temporary basis will enjoy the same terms and conditions of employment as any other non-temporary employee.  However, it is recognised their may be a business/organisational need to apply different terms and conditions for temporary workers.  If this is the case, departure from national and/or council terms and conditions will be in consultation and negotiation with the appropriate recognised trade union/s.




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