Gypsy Travellers

Gypsy Travellers  are dedicated to living a travelling lifestyle and see travelling as an important part of their identity. 

There is a lot of diversity amongst Gypsy Traveller communities, with different groups speaking a variety of languages and holding to distinct customs and traditions.  Many Gypsy Travellers place great importance on family networks and on passing down their culture and traditions through the generations.

When Gypsy Travellers are on the road, they may stay in:

  • Sites provided by local councils.
  • Privately owned sites run by Gypsy Travellers or holiday caravan sites.
  • Unauthorised roadside encampments.


Sites provided by Fife Council

We manage 3 permanent sites with rent charged at £69.00 per week. All pitches are subject to Council Tax. The locations are as follows:

  • Tarvit Mill, Cupar (East) - 20 pitches
  • Heathery Wood, Thornton (Central) - 18 pitches
  • Thornton Wood, Kelty (West) - 12 pitches


Facilities on site
Each pitch allows a family to park a residential caravan and tourer with one or two vehicles.  The pitch also contains an amenity unit with kitchen, laundry, and bathing facilities. 

Educational links
The Gypsy and Traveller Education Team (GATE) work with schools, parents and a wide range of groups  or agencies to encourage children to attend school. 

Teachers support young travellers on sites, in schools and in other council buildings throughout Fife. The team support young travellers whose lifestyle makes going to school difficult, by offering an alternative educational experience.

The team also promote education for race equality for all pupils, raising awareness of Traveller issues in schools. Parents are encouraged to collaborate in the educational process.

Health information
The sites have close links with health services.  For more information, please contact the site manager who will help with contact details and phone numbers for a range of services on various health needs.

Hayley Rodger, Travelling Persons Site Manager (East) 
Tel: 03451 55 55 55 + Ext 45 03 30 Contact Hayley Rodger online

Peter Farrell, Travelling Persons Site Manager (Central) 
Tel: 01592 650799 Contact Peter Farrell online

Lesley Corio, Travelling Persons Site Manager (West) 
Tel: 01383 838090 Fax: 01383 838090 Contact Lesley Corio online

Housing Information and Advice (lines open 8 a.m. - 6 p.m.)
Tel: 03451 55 00 33 Contact Housing Information and Advice (lines open 8 a.m. - 6 p.m.) online
By Post: New City House 1 Edgar Street Dunfermline Fife KY12 7EP
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