FIFEplan early engagement

We have set out to engage as fully as possible from the earliest stages in the planning process to enable views to be reflected in plans and development proposals. Details of some of the additional engagement we have undertaken is set out below, along with information on how to be involved in the preparation of the plan.

Timescales for the development plan are updated annually through the Development Plan Scheme.

The Local Development Plan Exchange provides an opportunity for informalcomments to be made. If you are interested in joining the LDP Exchange you can register your interest at The Local Development Plan Exchange is not a decision making group and does not get involved in detailed site issues.

A successful event for the Local Development Plan Exchange was held on the 5th September 2013.  This produced useful feedback for the Development Plan team. The presentation and the note of the event are both available to view below in the publication section.

Strategic diagram graphics consultation

In order to improve how we show information on maps and diagrams in the forthcoming Proposed FIFEplan we developed 3 sample plans showing a spatial strategy for Fife and sought comments on these maps.

The aim of the consultation was to develop clear and straightforward graphics for our Development Plans in response to feedback from users who have told us they would like these plans to be simpler to use.

There was a good response to the consultation, and the comments received have been helpful to us. 

 Link to report on the outcomes of the LDP graphics consultation




Call for sites

Before starting work on the Main Issues Report, we invited developers, landowners, and agents to send us information on development sites to be considered for inclusion in the Fife LDP.  The process was carried out through on-line submissions, with the opportunity to upload supporting information and documents.  The closing date for submissions was the 6th April 2012.  We offered a further opportunity to submit proposals for sites at the Main Issues Report stage.

Community matters

Another early information gathering stage was called Community Matters.  We contacted community groups and invited them to share their ideas with us to help us understand what matters to community councils and local community groups to inform the vision, strategy, and policies for the new Local Development Plan. 

A number of communities such as Dalgety Bay & Hillend Community Council and Saline & Steelend Community Council have developed ideas on how their community might develop.  You can view these by following the links below (links are to external websites):

Does your community have examples of how it would like to see your town, village, or neighbourhood develop?  If so, let us know and we can post the ideas here to share with others. Email us at

Other ways to participate

The Development Plan E-bulletin - Sign up to regular email updates on the progress of Fife's Development Plan. Click here to register.

Twitter: Follow us at @FifeDevPlan.

Call us: Any member of our team will be happy to speak to you about FIFEplan and the Main Issues Report. Call 03451 55 11 22 and ask to speak to someone in the Development Plan Team.


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