Please ensure that you contact your HR Business Partner before commencing any formal consultation exercise with the Trade Unions.

The aim of the consultation process is to carefully consider any representations and counter-proposal offered by employees and Trade Union representatives as a means of:-

  • Avoiding dismissals
  • Reducing the number of employees to be dismissed; and
  • Mitigating the consequences of any dismissals.


Some “do’s” when undertaking a redundancy consultation process:-

  • Plan and take advice
  • Involve TU representatives as early as possible in the planning process to allow appropriate representation at all meetings
  • Prepare a script for your group and individual consultation meetings
  • Hold at least one individual consultation meeting during the 90 day formal consultation period
  • Take time to consult and don’t rush the procedure
  • Give the employee as much information as possible on why they have potentially been selected for redundancy
  • Acknowledge that employees will experience a range of emotions during the process and have strategies for dealing with this
  • Consider all suggestions presented as part of the consultation process
  • Allow employees to be accompanied at consultation meetings
  • Keep written records of the consultation meetings

For further advice see MC21 How To Consult Guide below.




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