Recovering from emergencies

The Civil Contingencies Act 2004 states that the Local Authority is responsible for leading the recovery of local communities following emergency incidents.

The recovery process for those affected can start soon after the incident has occured and can then continue for some considerable time after the incident has ended - some flooding incidents have caused severe damage to roads and properties and have taken months, even years, to recover from. 


The Emergency Resilience Team will support and co-ordinate the Council’s response to, and recovery from, emergency disruptions impacting on Fife's communities along with other Category 1&2 responders.  These disruptions can also lead to Fife Council and/or local business suffering service delivery challenges, therefore business continuity planning is crucial to ensuring resilience in this area.


To find out more about recovering from emergencies in Scotland please contact us on our Team number or go to Scottish Government's Preparing Scotland website using the link below:

Emergency Resilience Team
Tel: 01592 583544 Contact Emergency Resilience Team online
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