Occupational Health Referral

Occupational Health services such as management referrals, health surveillance and pre-employment health screening are currently provided by People Asset Management (PAM).


Managers who need to make a referral to Occupational Health for one of their employees can do so via PAM's online portal: please read the following tips before you start to ensure you get the report you require.

  • Get a mobile number for the employee if they have one: this will allow them to receive confirmation & reminders about their appointment. You, as manager, still have to notify them of the appointment, but this is a handy add-on.
  • Write up any additional information you want to provide and get absence reports etc ready before you start.
  • In the 'Reasons for Absence' text box on the second page of the referral, use bullet points to summarise the info and use attachments to provide further details where helpful to PAM.
  • Provide the following info: what is the health issue the employee has, how is this affecting their work, what have you already done, and what are you looking for PAM to provide.
  • Attach any previous OH reports you have.
  • Make PAM aware of any specific issues which will help them give the employee the right appointment: the default will be a face to face assessment from an OH Adviser unless there is a specific need for some other arrangement.
  • If there's a particular element of the job that could influence the clinician's advice, please include a job spec, profile or description to let them know the specific duties undertaken.

 Referrals without sufficient information may be rejected.


When you are selecting the service you are requesting, the initial consultation should be with an OH Adviser so select the 'Management Referral F2F OHA' option. The OH Practitioner (Doctor) appointments are required for the more serious cases such as final capability or ill health retirement. If you believe you require one of the other services, please discuss it with your HR case officer. As a general rule, if you don't have a case officer assigned, then the case is unlikely to be at the point of justifying the enhanced appointment. Ill Health Retirement should only be selected as the final step, based on an OHP report, and after agreeing this course with your HR case officer.


Please be realistic in the information you are expecting PAM to provide: their purpose is to provide an assessment of the employee's medical conditions and their impact on the job they do. PAM cannot make management decisions for you.


If you do not see the employee you are looking to refer, please check this page for information. DO NOT ADD EMPLOYEES YOURSELF.


If you are having a problem accessing OHIO, are met with a page asking for a username and password, or your access is denied, check this page for information.


I understand the above and wish go to OHIO. To make a referral please click here.


The portal also has a help area with numerous guides and videos on how to make referrals and check progress, as well as a dedicated admin support line, which is listed at the top of the page on the portal.

Additional information is available at www.pammedicinechest.co.uk. This takes you to an external website which provides information on health conditions and the impact of these in the workplace.

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