Support for Families

We know family life can be fun and rewarding but it can also be challenging.  Every family is unique and will face different challenges, each requiring different types of support and information.  A Family Support and Parenting Strategy has been agreed across Fife to make sure support is available for families and parents as required with the principles:

Effective parenting is based on:

  • Secure attachment – in the early years, particularly the first year in life
  • Positive beliefs and attitudes
  • Clear expectations and boundaries within a warm and loving relationship
  • Developmentally appropriate parental supervision 
  • Parental engagement in the child’s learning in and out of school

 To help them in their role all parents should:

  • Be valued and respected
  • Receive recognition that most parents are trying to do the best for their children, sometimes under difficult circumstances.
  • Have the right to support in their key role as the primary educators for their own children.
  • Have ready access to advice and support that is non-judgmental and promptly offered.
  • Be supported, empowered, understood and challenged to meet their responsibilities
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