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Fife Council Educational Psychology Service is part of the Education and Chidlren's Services Directorate and has offices in Dunfermline, Glenrothes and Cupar.  Educational psychologists are applied psychologists – they use their knowledge of child development and additional support needs to help achieve the best outcomes for children and young people.  They work alongside and in co-operation with parents, teachers and other agencies.

In January 2017, the service took part in a scrutiny process with Education Scotland known as Validated Self Evaluation (VSE).  In their report, Education Scotland described the service as having “a mature and effective culture of sector-leading evaluative practice” – you can read the full report here.


All schools in Fife have a link educational psychologist who works closely with school staff.  They can become involved where there are concerns about a child’s educational progress due to their learning, behaviour or emotional difficulties.  The aim is to overcome barriers in the learning environment so that young people can be successfully included in their class, school and community.  Educational psychologists can work directly with pupils, parents/carers, school staff and other professionals as well as providing consultation and training for teachers and support staff. 

They will also work, where appropriate, with other relevant agencies and services which can support the key adults around a child/young person to help identify possible solutions, strategies and interventions.

Parents/carers can contact educational psychologists through their child’s school or directly by email.

Psychological Service
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