New children and young people's house

Fife Council is replacing one of its small, community based houses for children and young people who cannot live at home with their families. The current house is no longer fit for purpose. The replacement will be a newly built, high-quality facility.

What is a children’s house?

A children’s house is a home for children and young people who cannot live at home with their families.  These houses are a home in the true sense of the word. A small group of children live in them, leading normal lives as part of the community, just like other local children. Where other children have their parents at home, the young people living in our children’s houses have a team of qualified childcare staff looking after them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Most of the children live there for a number of years.

Where will the house be located?

We need to build the new house in central Fife as it is replacing a house in Glenrothes.  

After considering a number of locations in central Fife, we think the former Raith Gates Care Home site, Kirkcaldy is our best option for the new build. This means that over £1million from the Social Work capital budget will be invested in this area.

What stage is the development at?

It is at the very early stages. We are currently consulting with the public about this proposed site. Read our FAQs and timeline for more information. You can feedback using the form.


Bryan Poole, Councillor 
Tel: 07718 11 83 25 Contact Bryan Poole online
By Post: Fife council, Fife House North Street, Glenrothes,KY7 5LT
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