Adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse

Childhood sexual abuse is the use of children for the sexual pleasure and gratification of an adult. The victims can experience all forms of sexual violence and abuse that adults experience including rape and group rape; abusers getting children to abuse other children; masturbation of the child or forcing the child to masturbate an adult; shown pornography or forced into pornography; voyeurism. Any definition of child sexual abuse should take into account the following elements:

  • abuse of power

  • betrayal of trust and responsibility

  • inability of a child to consent

  • a wide range of sexual activity is involved in the abuse.

  • use of force, physical and/or threats by the abuser

  • a child’s perception of a threat, even if the abuse is neither coercive nor violent

“When a survivor tells you that he/she was sexually abused as a child, they are entrusting you with a part of their life that is painful, vulnerable and frightening”


Child sexual abuse happens in secret and most victims tell no one:

  • 72% of children did not tell anyone about the abuse at the time

  • 27% told some later

  • 31% still had not told anyone by early adulthood

There are specialist agencies in Fife who can help


Fife Violence Against Women Partnership
Tel: 01592 583690
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