Street Naming and Numbering FAQs

Street Naming and Numbering - FAQs

Published by: Fife Council

Answers to common queries on Street naming and numbering

Q.      When I enter my postcode into a search engine why does my address not come up?

The cause of this problem depends on whether your property is part of a new development or not:

  •  If your property is a new build it can take a period of time for your address to filter through to all parties.


  • If your property is not a new build and your address is not being recognised, please contact us using the Street and Property Naming Request form and we can contact the relevant parties to ascertain why this has happened.



Q.      My address has been officially registered but it does not appear on the Royal Mail website

When an address is registered, Fife Council will contact Royal to request post-town and postcode information for the address. At this stage, Royal Mail will store the new address in the Postal Address File but may not publish it on their website until instructed by the Local Authority that the property is ready for occupation.

If you require a property to be made "live" on the Royal Mail website please contact us using the Street and Property Naming Request form.


Q.      I have a house name and number, can I remove the number?

We will not remove a house number from an existing address. In an emergency, house numbering is the quickest way for emergency services to identify the correct address.


Q.      How do I add/amend my house name?

In order for any amendment to be recognised by all parties, the change has to come through your local authority. We will contact Royal Mail and a list of stake holders which include the assessors, utility companies and the emergency services, with your chosen house name so that they may amend their records.

To request a new house name or amend an existing name, please use the Street and Property Naming Request form.


Q.      I live at No.13. Could I have my number changed?

Fife Council's policy is not to omit the number 13.  There are several numbers that are subject to superstition by different groups of people.  To try to please all of these groups would meaning omitting several numbers.  Also, gaps in the numbering scheme can cause confusion when identifying properties, particularly by the emergency services.



Q.      Why is a suffix on my house number necessary?

The purpose of a numbering scheme is to aid speedy identification of a property, especially for visitors to the area or the emergency services.  Where no space in the numbering scheme exists (e.g. a gap site), it is quite usual to use a suffix to retain the consecutive nature of the numbering scheme.


Q.      I have had delivery problems and I believe the problem is the street signage. What should I do?

Street signage is the responsibility of the Transportation department within Fife Council. Please visit the Street Name Plates page for further details on reporting an issue with street signage.


Q.      What is the legal background?

Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982, Section 97 gives the Local Authority the right to name streets, and number properties thereon.

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