School crossing patrols

School Crossing Patrols (SCPs) provide a vital service at sites across Fife by helping pedestrians on their journey to and from school.

We provide school crossing patrols in locations where children frequently need to cross the road on their way to school (e.g. opposite school premises, at major road junctions near a school) and where children may be in danger from road traffic.

  • Remember - Stop Means Stop!
  • When a patrol displays a stop sign, motorists must stop to allow pedestrians to cross.
  • Should a driver fail to stop, they are breaking the law and may be prosecuted.
  • A driver who fails to stop when requested to do so may face a fine of up to £1000 and three penalty points on their driving licence.

We are working with all schools to produce an individual School Travel Plan for each.  The plans help to promote healthier travel options, which are also more environmentally friendly, and they also help find solutions to make routes to school safer.

As part of the travel plan, safety measures are often put in place to help meet expectations and reduce danger. These include:

  • school crossing points
  • flashing warning signs
  • reduced speed limits
  • 20mph zones around schools

Peter Barrie, Facilities Co-ordinator 
Tel: 03451 55 55 55 + Ext 44 71 51 Contact Peter Barrie online
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