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Poor housing can affect people's health, it may be a danger to the public, and it may also have a negative effect on the local environment.

All housing must meet the tolerable standards for housing.  Housing standards cover:

  • Private Owners - Tolerable standards
  • HMO - Housing of multiple occupation (where three or more people who are not related share a flat)

The law sets out the Tolerable Standard which a home must meet to be fit for people to live in.  A house meets the tolerable standard if it:

  • is structurally stable
  • is substantially free from rising or penetrating damp
  • has satisfactory access to all external doors and outbuildings

It also meets the tolerable standard if it has satisfactory:

  • lighting
  • safe electrical wiring and components (not appliances)
  • satisfactory thermal insulation eg loft insulation
  • means of heating eg a socket where a heater can be plugged in
  • ventilation ie natural or mechanical
  • wholesome drinking water supply ie public or private
  • cooking facilities ie somewhere to put a cooker
  • drainage for rainwater and from kitchen and bathroom fittings (surface and foul drainage)
  • standard amenities (a toilet or waterless closet)
  • standard amenities (a fixed bath or shower)      
  • standard amenities (a wash-hand basin)
  • standard amenities (a sink)
  • all with a piped supply of hot and cold water

Legislation requires houses in multiple occupation (HMO) to be licensed by us. A house is defined as an HMO if it's the only or principal residence of three or more persons from three or more families.

If you are an owner of a property, or if the property is leased to or managed by another party or organisation, you should apply for a licence if you give permission for your property to be occupied as an HMO i.e. if you allow people to live in it. The need for a licence does not depend on rent being paid, or on any formal tenancy arrangements being in place.

Guidance on Fire Safety is published on (external website).

Advice is also available on the Scottish Fire & Rescue Service website (external site).

If you are not sure whether you need an HMO licence for your property, you should contact us on the details provided.

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